The Four Freedoms

Busy Beaver Bulletin This Veterans Day seems like a good day to review what the USA should stand for. So many people have fought and died for our freedom. We are in a different kind of battle for our country. In the 2024 election, the voters will decide whether we live under fascist dictatorship or … Read more

Dealing With Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety Anxiety is one of the leading mental health problems in the USA. It can be life-disabling. People are often afraid to leave their homes. Psychiatrists hand out pills like they are candy, and they rarely discuss the side effects which after long-term use can become serious. Google for the specific medication you … Read more

I Have a Dream

I dream of a world without conflict I dream of a world filled with love I dream of a world where we live in harmony with nature I dream of a world where we are free to pursue our dreams I dream of a world free of hunger and fear. I look to the future … Read more

The Difference Between Free Enterprise and Capitalism

What is the difference between free enterprise and capitalism? While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are some differences between free enterprise and capitalism: Free enterprise refers to an economic system in which individuals andbusinesses are free to compete and make their own economic decisionswithout government interference or regulation. In a free enterprisesystem, the market … Read more

Dealing With The Death of a Spouse

I have a friend whose wife is dying. Dealing with the death of a spouse is tough. She is in the last phase of hospice meaning she will die very soon. I lost my wife several years ago. I will share my experience. Perhaps it will help him. Perhaps it will help you; the reader. … Read more

How You Manage Your Time Is How You Manage Your

How You Manage Your Time Is How You Manage Your Life What I do with my time determines how I live my life. TIME is the most valuable resource, you have. Use it wisely. No one knows how much time they have. But, we all know once it’s gone, it’s gone! There is a great … Read more

Fundamentals for Sustainable Living – The Sustainables

The Sustainables Logo

A Journal dedicated to the fundamentals for sustainable living. Fundamentals for sustainable living. Our sustainability rests on three pillars: Our personal growth Our financial Resilience The quality of the environment we live in. Business Development How to write website content that people read. You have two audiences: Your human audience who likes what you have … Read more

What Is Happiness To You?

What is happiness to you?

Happiness is ephemeral. It doesn’t last. Except, when we feel we are living with purpose, growing as a person, and reaching our dreams. What is happiness to you? It really is different for each of us. Happiness comes from inside not from external things we acquire. Happiness can never be achieved by obtaining more stuff. … Read more

Ten Basic Cyber Security Tips

Basic Cyber Security Tips

Here are 10 basic cyber security tips to protect you from hackers. In the United States, hackers can steal your identity with surprising ease.  Take precautions to make it harder for them to steal your identity. Here are some ten basic cyber security tips: 1. Stop reusing passwords. I use 1Password to encrypt my passwords. The program also generates strong passwords for me to … Read more

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