Live a Better Life

Our ability to live a better life rests on a three legged stool.

Bill Sager

One leg is our personal growth and development. Whether we decide to work for our selves, be an employee or do both, our succes will depend on what we know and what we can produce.

The second leg is our financial resilience. I personally believe that our ability to take advantage of opportunities and respond to emergencies depends on our having an adequate passive income based on multiple income sources.

The third leg is maintaining a healthy environment. There is a lot you can do to control your local environment. You can live smoke-free, you can eat healthy, you get exercise and clean your indoor air. There is less you can do, other than trying to influence your government, to control our regional and global environment.

I believe I have a responsibility to help my neighbors. When the problem is too big to handle myself, I want my government to step up and provide a solution.

In 1941 President Roosevelt described Four Freedoms as a right of everyone on earth.

  1. Freedom of speech
  2. Freedom of worship
  3. Freedom from fear.
  4. Freedom from want

Our government must make sure these things are available to all.

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