Personal Growth

Most of our growth throughout our lives comes from personal experience, the books we read and what we study. Universities call it “Continueing Education.” I call it “never stop learning.”

If you are in a dead end job were you have no opportunity to learn new things you need a new job. We can no longer depend on advancing up the chain of command in a single business. Most advanceents in the gig ecomony come from getting better assignments in a new company.

This means you have to handle your career like a business. Make sure people know your skills and what you have accomplished. Learn new skills that are in demand in the job market. Human resources people are looking for creative people who have multiple skills. Experts in one field and complemtentry skills in many related fields are what HR people are looking for.

I’m an advocate for resilient living. That means we are ready to take advantage of any opportunity and are able to respond to any emergency. The first step in creating resilience is to create an adequate income. We all saw what happened to jobs when COVID-19 hit and businesses closed down. Millions of people out of work and trying deperately to find a way to pay their bills.

I believe every one needs a side project they can monetize quickly. It is probabloy a hobby. It should definately be something you enjoy. We will discuss how to create an income you can depend on as we document our growth on this website.

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