Your Environment

You can control much of your Environment as it affects us personally. Again, improving your environment costs money and in most environments, it is the poor who are most impacted by local pollution

There is not a lot we can do to deal with global environmental issues other than making sure we elect legislators who understand how important clean air and clean water is to our well-being.

What we can control is our local environment. We can decide whether we are going to smoke and if we smoke are we going to do it outside. When we choose where we are going to live and work are we going to choose an area that is smog free. If we have to live in a smoggy area, are we going to work with our local legislators to enact clean air standards?

If we have poor indoor air quality, we can install air filtration to minimize our exposure. Of course what we can do depends on our income. Poor people have fewer options.

Be aware of your surroundings and what you can do to minimize your exposure to harmful pollutants.

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