I Have a Dream

I dream of a world without conflict
I dream of a world filled with love
I dream of a world where we live in harmony with nature
I dream of a world where we are free to pursue our dreams
I dream of a world free of hunger and fear.
I look to the future and see people fighting for survival..
I look to the future and see people living with extreme weather events
I look to the future and see a breakdown of social norms.
I look to the future and see shortages of basic resources
I look to the future and I fear for my grandchildren.
I look to the future
I know we must adapt.
Yet we live in the NOW.
Enjoy what you have NOW
.Go for a walk.
Enjoy the forest.
Go camping.
Take the kids to the zoo.
Understand the risks we face
Plan for the future.

Lynn Marie Sager <lynnmariesager@gmail.com>

Oct 10, 2022, 8:29 AM
love this! Who knew my Dad was a poet!

4 thoughts on “I Have a Dream”

  1. Dear Lynn Marie Sager,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams on your website. It’s wonderful to see your passion for personal development, financial resilience, and a quality environment. The message of working towards a world without conflict, filled with love and harmony with nature, resonates with many people.

    Your dream of a better future is inspiring, and it’s important to acknowledge the challenges we face, such as extreme weather events, social norms breaking down, and shortages of basic resources. It’s crucial to plan for the future and take steps to adapt and address these issues.

    The emphasis on living in the present and enjoying what we have now is a valuable reminder. Taking time to appreciate nature, spending quality time with loved ones, and understanding the risks we face can help us find balance in our lives.

    Overall, your website conveys a positive message and encourages individuals to take action for personal growth and a better world. It would be helpful to provide more specific information on how to achieve personal development and financial resilience, as well as practical steps individuals can take to contribute to a quality environment.

    Thank you for sharing your dreams and inspiring others to make a difference. Keep up the great work!

    Best regards,

    Alquante Foster

    • Thank you for your praise and support.  Personal development is a result of our life experiences and being curious.  Never stop learning. Kyle just had a webinar on how to create a million-dollar business. If I can implement his training, it will certainly take care of my financial resilience.  I’m going to create a WA class based on his instructions; then invite people to my class. You have to be Premium Plus to listen directly to Kyle’s training. Anyone can view my class. Promote  WA. It pays the most generous commissions on the internet, Stay in touch. Glad to meet you.

  2. If you need to start your day with a better idea of the world and have a better sense of the universe, this text is great. We all imagine a world without conflict and bad feelings where everything is in balance. We dream of a future without fear, pain and worry. This text awakened my deep desires for peace.


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