Dealing With Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the leading mental health problems in the USA. It can be life-disabling. People are often afraid to leave their homes. Psychiatrists hand out pills like they are candy, and they rarely discuss the side effects which after long-term use can become serious. Google for the specific medication you are taking. The pills are effective. They can make the difference between living a productive life and a life hiding in fear.  I believe certain lifestyle changes can be helpful. At least they are worth a try.

Doing these things can help:

Meditate – It might work best if you have a partner. Beath from your diaphragm and focus on your ki.

Workout – Again a partner can help

Journaling or talking to a trusted friend about your fears

It can help if you have your friend take notes on your fear.

Distract yourself

Dance with a friend

Call a friend and talk with them about whatever

Do something you like. Read, Play a game. Watch a TV show. Do anything to get your mind off your worry. Deal with your worry after you’re relaxed. If you worry about something you cannot control, dump it in your chaos bucket. If it Is something you have some control over take action to correct the problem.

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