The Secrets to Success

The secret to success is not a secret. It is different for each of us. It depends on what we want to accomplish in our life. Success is usually defined by the projects you successfully complete while ignoring a whole lot of failures.

Visualize what you want to accomplish.

Now decide what you have to do to achieve what you visualize. Plan each project in measurable steps you must take to complete it. By defining what you want to accomplish in measurable terms you will know when you have completed the project. For example

  • You will create enough community gardens to produce 1000 pounds of vegetables for hungry people in your community by the end of the current growing season.
  • You will have a team of 20 community gardeners ready to work by the first of April.
  • You will work with local officials to have permission to create community gardens on five plots of land totaling 1 acre by the 1st of February.

You get the idea. Break the big project down into smaller projects that can be completed in a reasonable time. Then persevere through anything that might interfere with the successful completion of what you are trying to do.

One of the first projects most of us face is to provide food and shelter for ourselves and our family. We have to take care of ourselves before we can even think about helping others. Creating our financial resilience is a key factor in our success.

Working at a job is high risk because it is your only source of income. COVID-19 showed us how vulnerable working people are. In the USA, four million people lost their jobs in three months.

I want to help you live more resiliently. I believe the first step toward success is to create your financial resilience.

The Secret to creating wealth is:

Save. Save as much of your income as you can. Your savings account is for emergencies and for buying assets.
2. Buy or Create Assets. Assets earn you money without your having to work for it. You are not trading time for money. If you are a writer, your computer is an asset.
3. Minimize things. Don’t spend money on things you want to have. Only buy things you really need.


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