What Is Happiness To You?

Happiness is ephemeral. It doesn’t last. Except, when we feel we are living with purpose, growing as a person, and reaching our dreams. What is happiness to you? It really is different for each of us.

Happiness comes from inside not from external things we acquire. Happiness can never be achieved by obtaining more stuff. Money, power, and the accolades of colleges only bring temporary happiness. As such, happiness is always fleeting because once acquired we always want more.

My happiest memories are wading through 3 feet of snow when I was only 4 feet tall to put food in the bird feeder, standing on the rim of the great canyon of the Yellowstone looking at the most beautiful waterfall I had ever seen, and traveling through the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada on a three-month camping trip with my family.

It is not the externalities that make us happy. What makes me happy is knowing I am living my life with purpose, doing things that help others, and doing meaningful things with my friends and family.

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