Ten Basic Cyber Security Tips

Here are 10 basic cyber security tips to protect you from hackers. In the United States, hackers can steal your identity with surprising ease. 

Take precautions to make it harder for them to steal your identity. Here are some ten basic cyber security tips:

1. Stop reusing passwords. I use 1Password to encrypt my passwords. The program also generates strong passwords for me to use on new accounts.
2. Delete unused accounts. 1Passwoed shows you when an account was last used. Close the account if you haven’t used it over in a year.
3. Use multifactor authentication
4. Check the privacy settings on your apps.
5. Beware of phishing. Never click on a link you didn’t seek out. Hover your cursor over a link and check its URL. Avoid it if the link is one you didn’t expect. Check for miss spelled URLs.
6. Keep your software up to date.
7. Be careful about what you share online. The picture you put online just might keep you from getting that job.
8. The little card in your cell phone or tablet identifies you. When a hacker gets your Sim ID they can take over your phone and use it to access your financial accounts. Contact your cell phone provider and establish an account PIN.
9. Freeze your credit reports. You can always temporarily unfreeze your credit report when you need to get a loan or a new credit card.
10. Backup Your Data. If you don’t trust backup services who store your information in the cloud go back to the old days and store your info on an external hard drive. Just remember to store a backup drive off-site. That means you will need a drive in the office you are backing up to and a drive with a backup at home. That way, if you get hit by ransomware you will. have an uncontaminated backup. Swap drives often.

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