Loneliness Kills-How to Make Friends Online

How to Make Friends Online Table of Contents How to Make Friends on the Internet Table of Contents Loneliness Is a Deadly Problem Make Friends on the Internet Help Others Making Friends Takes Time Stay In touch My Niche Financial Resilience Business Relationships – Make Friends Live With Passion Loneliness Causes Mental Health Problems Loneliness … Read more

Find Your Ikigai

How do you find your ikigai, and why should you care? In the USA, we talk about being productive but few people actually live a productive life. Many books are written on how to be productive. In Japan, productivity is part of their culture. They have one word to describe what they mean when they … Read more

Trends In The Workplace Will Affect Your Life

I am an amature futurist. What is a futurist? A futurist is not a fortune-teller. A futurist studies trends and tries to envision how those trends will affect the future. In my case, I visualize how trends in the workplace will affect our future careers.  Workplace Trends Why is it important to understand workplace trends? If you were born … Read more

Share your dreams. Keep your plans private.

Share your dreams. Keep your plans private. Dreams inspire others. When you share your dreams, you attract others. When others share your dream, you have support from others who share your dream. I’m not talking about sleep dreams. I’m talking about the dreams we have for our lives. Elon Musk has a dream to coloonize … Read more

Herd Immunity

COVID-19 Virus

Herd immunity is a term first used to describe a situation where over half the population is vaccinated against diseases such as measles, whooping cough, chicken pox and polio. Those people being immune protects those who are not immune from being exposed to the disease. Allowing a pandemic to rage uncontrolled will never create herd … Read more

Local Hawaii Politics

Aloha from Dr. Kioni Dudley,                 Please forgive me for pestering you again.   A lot of my contacts are really interested in whom I am supporting and why, and ask me to send this. Here are my recommendation for various offices. Whether you agree or not, VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. For Mayor:                 … Read more

Its Your Life

It's Your Life

What is your vision? It’s your life. If you are satisfied, keep doing what you have been doing. If you are not satisfied, figure out what you have to change, There are four rules you should remember: Think for your self. Advertisers use all kinds of tricks to manipulate your thoughts. Recognize the logical tricks … Read more

Perserverance – The Secret to Success

Being able to brand yourself on the internet is the secret to your success. It takes time to build a successful website, so consistent effort and persistence are import elements to your success. Table of Content Do you have a life plan? Some people believe fate controls their lives. I believe I control my destiny. … Read more

The Rules of Life

Lynn was dozing on the bus when they came to her. Fourteen strange creatures, the rules of life, confronted her and demanded to know why they were being ignored. After all, she had written a book about them 15 years ago. Why was she ignoring them? Navigating Life Through Turbulent Tides began with an idea. … Read more

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