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Aloha from Dr. Kioni Dudley,

                Please forgive me for pestering you again.   A lot of my contacts are really interested in whom I am supporting and why, and ask me to send this. Here are my recommendation for various offices. Whether you agree or not, VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

For Mayor:

                For mayor, it is Rick Blangiardi.  No question.  Why? Amemiya has the support of all of the unions.  He’s a nice guy.  He talks a good line.  But he can’t turn against the unions once elected.  So we will continue with the same old, same old.  Anything the unions want—rail to Ala Moana, housing on critical ag lands, solar farms on the best ag lands, more tourism, Kaka’ako development even though it will all be swamp in 20 years,  no preparation for hurricanes, ever higher house costs, etc., etc., etc.   The rich get richer; everyone else struggles harder.   Amemiya’s uncle is city managing director now.

                Blangiardi has the blessing that most unions have ignored him, all but the UH professors’ union.  (Smart move, smart guys.)  He’s free to make any choice on any thing.  And it’s just marvelous to hear him talk.  He and Amemiya had a one and a half hour talk story at the Kapolei Chamber of Commerce on Friday.   What a joy to hear Blangiardi.   You can watch it here:  https://www.facebook.com/kapoleichamberPlease vote for Rick.  It’s the only way we can possibly have any change.

For City Council:

District Three: I support Greg Theilen.   The Theilens have been on the right side of things for decades.

District Seven: I support Jacob Aki.  He’s bright, very, very knowledgeable, and a strong supporter of more agriculture.

District Nine: I support Augie T (Augusto Tulba).  He’s a well-known comedian.   Just what the Council needs.  

Willie Espero worked for D.R. Horton and got into politics to support getting the Ho’opili project approved. 

Augie is a man of the people.

For OHA:

                Moloka’i:             I support Luana Alapa over Collette Machado.  It’s time for some new blood, new ideas.   The Trustees really need a shake up.   Luana lives on an ag homestead on Moloka’i.

                Hawaii Island:   I support Lanakila Mangauil over Keola Lindsey.   Lanakila is steeped in Hawaiian tradition.  By himself, alone, he started the Mauna Kea protest.  He’s a young man on the rise.  I want to see him go as far as he can go.    Keola Lindsey is a fine man.  I like him.  His uncle is currently a Trustee.   We need to spread the trustees among different families.

                At large:  I support Keoni Souza over Keli’i Akina.  Keli’I has done some weird things in the past.  I don’t feel comfortable with him as a Trustee.   Keoni looks like the fresh face, new blood OHA needs.


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Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek.  (Barack Obama, 2008)

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