Share your dreams. Keep your plans private.

Share your dreams. Keep your plans private.

Dreams inspire others. When you share your dreams, you attract others. When others share your dream, you have support from others who share your dream.

I’m not talking about sleep dreams. I’m talking about the dreams we have for our lives. Elon Musk has a dream to coloonize Mars.That is the kind of dream I am talking about.

The Red Cross has a very simple dream. They help people in trouble. One nurse decided to help wounded soldiers. She attracted others who wanted to help. Today the Red Cross is an international organization helping people all over the world.

I’m sure Clarissa Harlowe Barton didn’t plan to start an international organization. She simply wanted to help wounded soldiers during the Civil War. The Red Cross grew out of her experiences caring for wounded soldiers. Her dreams grew as she grew.

Dreams Vs Plans

Your dreams reflect what you want to accompliish during your life. They grow as you grow throughout your life. A dream is just a wish until you take action.

A plan is what you will do to make your dream come true. Plans should be private. At most your plans should only be shared with a small team of people who share your dream and are working with you to accomplish that mission.

Attract Fans

Fans trust you and like what you are doing. You may be entertaining. You my be teaching them ways to overcome common problems. You may just be letting people know what you have accomplished and what skills you have. Having a fan base of people who like you can really be important when you need to look for a new job or want to start a side business.

As a freelancer, I have a problem. I like to help people accomplish their dreams. For people who have forgotten how to dream I try to reawaken their power of dreaming. It is amazing to me how many people either have no dreams or don’t know how to get started on the path to success.

We all have major decision points in our lives. One of mine came in my late thirties. They call it a mid life crisis. I realized my current job was a dead end. We decided to take a job in a college town where my wife could go back to school and get her teaching degree.

In these days of uncertainty, it is important to buid resilience into our lives. Resilience rests on a three legged stool. One leg is our skills. One leg is financial. and one leg is the envirnment we live in.

We choose a niche to work in that we like or at least have an interest in. We let people know how we can help them. We get paid for what we do. And of course, we do our best to live in a clean and health envoronment.

We attract people who like our dream and who want our help. Zig Zigler said it best “Help enough people achieve your dream and you will do very well.”

Develop Your Team

As you expand your circle of influence, people will want to join you in your mission, or you will be offered a job in an organization that shares your mission.

You expand your sfear of influence by good old fashioned networking. Stay iin touch with you fans through both on line and off line means.


The first step in turning your dreams into reality is to figure out how you will achieve your dream.
If you decide one of the things is must do is have a website. Then you must decide how you want to create your website. Will you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

If you decide on the DIY route, what skills must you learn to develop a successful website. If you want s

omeone to do it for you, what must you learn to know what is possible and how to guide your webdeveloper to produce what you want.

The best place I know to learn about internet marketing is Wealthy Affiiate University (Button to learn more)

Develop Your Action Plan

You plan implements your strategy. Write out what you must do to reach your goals. Break each step down into tasks that can be compoeted withing 3 months, then plan what you will accomplish in any given week. Set milestones for when a task must be completed.

Evaluate your plan monthly and weekly. Make adjustments as they are needed. A plan that is not kept up to day is not a plan, it is a wish list.

Implement Your plan

Schedule task on your calendar. Then keep those appointments as seriously as a doctor appointment. Some people have real trouble sticking with a calendar. I keep asking my self what is the most important thing I should be doing right now. My calendar says I should be working in the yard. But, I had a client call me this afternoon who is having a mid lie crisis. He likes hel[ing people and is bvery good at it. He just doesn’t like charging people for his services and tends to give away far to muvh of his time.

He doesn’t have a lot of money and I’m going to end up volunteering oo help him. We both have the sae problem and I’m not setting a good example. The first thing I am going to ask him to do is share his dream with me. I want it in writing. Without a well defined dream he can implement his will continue to drift on the river of life,

Set Milestones

Mile stones are to dates when you want to accomplish a goal. Task must have a time line. otherwise they may never get done. Without a time line, you cannot measuree your progress. Being able to know you are moving toward your goal is very motivational. Instead of looking at what you have failed to do, milestones let you see what you have accomplished.

Regular Review

We have talked about the importance of review your progress. Ask you self:

1. are you on track?

2. who needs help?

3. should something we are doing be rescheduled. If a project is behind schedule, figure out how you can simplify it to get it back on schedule.

4. recognise failure early. Know when to tack.

Celebrate Your Successes

Know when you have achived an important goal. When you do, do something to celebrate with your team.

With little successes, go for a walk in the woods. Take a swim. Go ride your bike. Listen to your subconsious, meditate, Dream. Your subconsious will come to you on its own schedule, You cannot tell it to come. You can only make it easy and listen.

4 thoughts on “Share your dreams. Keep your plans private.”

  1. I started reading your article, and I was like wait, I cannot leave until I finish this completely. Man, this article is what I needed to encourage myself to be able to achieve what I have dreamt of. I’m sure it took quite a bit of hard work and life lessons to bring together those thoughts and ideas about creating a better life.

     Thanks for sharing a truly inspirational article!

    • Thanks so much. It is encouraging when what I write impacts even one person. Look at what so many successful people do. They share their dreams and they attract fans and supporters, but they keep their cards close to the vests.

  2. This has been a useful post with actionable things. I t has also been a source of encouragement to keep on pushing through the hard times. Now, when we are building a team, it’s difficult to inject them our energy. I just feel that we must keep on pushing ourselves and they’ll just have to catch up. But we can’t force it.


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