What is COVID 19 About?


When people ask “What is COVID 19 about” the answers are often confusing and
conflicting. Answers can range from nothing to worry about to a very
infectious disease that can be deadly…

What is the truth? It depends on who you are.

You are not going to get the truth from our Federal Government. Even the CDC
has succumbed to President Trump’s insistence that COVID-19 is, in most
cases, nothing more than a mild flu.

Without federal leadership, we need to decide for ourselves how we are going to
act and what risks we are willing to take. Local leaders can provide
science-based information or they can follow the leadership of the
Federal Government.

I believe the information I get from the World Health Organization, from
leading scientists and from countries like New Zealand and Japan who
have dealt with the pandemic effectively.

Our knowledge of COVID-19 is evolving

We are learning more about the COVID-19 virus all the time. Initially, we
thought COVID-19 was a respiratory illness. Now we know it is a disease
of the vascular system and it impacts every organ of the body. We have
learned that recovery can take years and in some cases, a COVID-19 victim
may never recover fully. We know that even asymptomatic cases may cause
long term organ damage.

I’m 90 years old. I am at high risk of dying when I contract COVID-19. I wear a
mask to protect you from my possible infection. I get very hostile when
you approach me without a mask.

I’ve actually had a fight with a gentleman who insisted on getting in my face
and shouting at me about how stupid I am and how Mr. Trump knows much
more than I do about this fake pandemic.

Stay SAFE.

S for social distancing
A for airflow. You’re safest outdoors. Small, closed rooms with poor venation are most dangerous.
F for Face Masks. Wear them to protect others from your spray.
E for expectorate. Avoid people who spray the room with coughing, sneezing or even singing or loud talking.

Remember, Virus Density X Time Exposed = Probability of infection. A trip to a
store with a quick in and out is probably pretty safe. Working in that
same store for an 8 hour shift could be pretty dangerous.

Be safe, just because Trump says it is safe to open up doesn’t mean it is.
Stay informed and make your own decision as to when it is safe to relax
your guard.

Safe Activities

Take your kids outside. Hiking and surfing may be the safest thing you can
do. I go for a bike ride every afternoon. It is great to get out of the
house and feel the wind in my face.

I don’t wear a mask when I am outdoors unless there are a lot of people and I
cannot maintain social distancing. Even social distancing may not be
enough. The WHO recently announced that COVID-19 can be contracted from
air-born aerosols that can hang in the air for a long time.

Information from an expert

Dr. Brilliant is a virologist who worked to eradicate smallpox from our earth. Read how he views the current pandemic. Larry Brilliant on How Well We Are Fighting Covid-19 | WIRED

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