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Thank you for your interest in working together to achieve the life of our dreams.

We look for ways we can work together to create better lives for each of us. I believe a quality life rests on three legs:

  • Personal development, adaptability, and resilience;
  • Financial resilience, It requires multiple passive incomes;
  • The quality of our environment, It effects the quality of our lives;

That is what we will be discussing. I hope you will comment. If you decide you want to write for us, let’s get acquainted. We can give you writer authorization. We have just one rule. Treat each other wiith respect.

About Us

We believe everyone should be able to live their lives to the full potential. Know as much as you can about one special thing. Then know as much as possible about everything else. Never quit learning.

I belive God’s spirit is all around us and within us. I believe God mandidated us to care for his creation. When I find a conflict between science and my spiritual belief it is up to me to resolve that conflict.

My folks taught me the world was created in 7 days. Six actually, on the seventh HE rested. They believed each day was a 1000 years. OK, we think the Big Bang was the start of creation. It occure trilions of years ago. I’m willing to believe a Day was a trillion years or even more. Conflict resolved…

The more we learn about Creation the more we can honor God.

Personal Development

Become an expert in your field, and become knowledgeable in everything else. Let your curiosity make your life rich. Who knows, you might decide to quit your job as a plumber and become a writer, a blogger, or an affiliate marketer.

Understand your calling. Mine can be summed up in one short sentence.

Help where I can and where I can’t help be very careful not to hurt.

Dalai Lama

Your Values

Understand your values. If what you are doing is not consistent with what you value you will be unhappy. My values include:

  • help others
  • honor
  • loyalty
  • win/win relationships
  • honesty

There are more, but that is another post. Do what is consistant with your values. Be prpeared to respond to recover from every emergeancy.

Financial Resilience

Financial resilience is created when you have the money you need to respond to any emeregency and live the way you want.

I believe depending on a job as a single source of income is one of the highest risk ways you can earn a living.

Buy assets, not things. Assets are things that make you a passive income like commercial real estate or your own business that provides you passiive income. Things, like a new car, cost you money,

I’m an Affiliate Marketer and I’m building a business that will provide my daughter a retirement income. She worked thirty years as a teacher, author, and actor, but has no retirement income or health insurance. I help people use the internet to achieve their goals. Most people need a side gig that can be scaled quickly to provide them an income in an emergency. Affiliate Marketing is the best tool anyone can use to create financial independence.

Environmental Adaptation

The quality of our environment at work and at home has a major impact on our health, our quality of life, and even our longevity. With COVID-19 we have to adapt to a new environmental problem. Stay SAFE:

  • S-ocial distancing Stay at least 6 feet apart.
  • A-ir flow Good ventilation minimizes risk.
  • F-ace Masks Wear them when away from home.
  • E-xpectorant Stay clear of the sneeze shower.

You can control a lot of your local environment by deciding how you want to live your life. Global problems like climate change depend on who you elect to represent you to your government.


We believe in helping where we can.

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